Puff Cloud Under Eye Powder


  • is a long-lasting concealer fixer
  • erases signs of fatigue and dark circles around the eyes
  • sets concealer without making it cakey or heavy
  • soft focus effect – skin looks flawless, lines are blurred and the eye area is more radiant and youtful
  • opuntia oil fights free radicals and regenerates for more youtful skin
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • vegan product

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Skin around the eyes is the most sensitive part of your face and it requires special treatment.
People who struggle with dark circles under their eyes use variety of products to cover them up. To extend durability of such products, they should try our Puff Cloud Eye Powder, which will preserve the previously applied cosmetic while smoothing and illuminating the area at the same time.
Puff Cloud Powder is suitable for sensitive skin.
The finely ground powder with its silky consistency, contains gently illuminating particles for a unique, smoothing effect.

How to use
Have your concealer last longer
Use your fingertips to pat in the Hydrobase cream around the eyes, apply your favourite concealer and powder it up with the Puff Cloud Powder.

Attract the eye
Gently powder the eyelid covered with a concealer or eyeshadow primer. This will extend the durability of the shadows and make their application easier.

Provide yourself with a perfect makeup
Puff Cloud Powder is perfect for the lovers of light and illuminating makeup. Just powder the selected parts of your face, such as the T-zone, to fix your makeup and achieve a satin complexion effect.